West Palearctic Regional Section (WPRS)


Dr. Philippe C. Nicot, France, nicot@avignon.inra.fr


Vice Presidents

Dr. Andrea Lucchi, Italy, andrea.lucchi@unipi.it

Dr. Ilaria Pertot, Italy, ilaria.pertot@fmach.it

Dr. Lene Sigsgaard, Denmark, les@plen.ku.dk


Secretary General

Dr. Gerben Messelink, The Netherlands, Gerben.Messelink@wur.nl



Dr. Sylvia Blümel, Austria, treasurer@iobc-wprs.org



IOBC-WPRS EXE IOBC-WPRS Executive Committee (from left to right)

Dr. Ilaria PERTOT (Vice President), Dr. Philippe NICOT (President), Dr. Andrea LUCCHI (Vice President), Dr. Sylvia BLÜMEL (Treasurer), Dr. Lene SIGSGAARD (Vice President), Dr. Gerben MESSELINK (General Secretary)

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