09-13 September 2019:

6th International Entomophagous Insects Conference

Perugia, Italy

6th International Entomophagous Insects Conference, 09-13 September 2019, Perugia, ItalyThe International Entomophagous Insects Conference – IEIC (originated from the merging of the International Entomophagous Insects Workshop and the European Parasitoid Workshop), has reached its 6th edition.
After Minneapolis (USA, 2009), Antibes (France, 2011), Orford (Canada, 2013), Torre del Mar (Spain, 2015), and Kyoto (Japan, 2017), this edition will take place in Perugia, Italy, from 9 to 13 September 2019.
The venue of the Conference is the ancient Monumental Complex of the San Pietro Abbey, which is the location of the DSA3 (Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences) of the University of Perugia. The Abbey is also a stunning concentration of art and history.
The Conference is structured into 6 sessions, with keynote speakers, oral and poster presentations, coffee breaks and lunches. A social tour and gala dinner are also planned.


Important dates:

  • Abstract submission closes on 5th May 2019
  • Early bird registration also closes on 5th May 2019



16-20 September 2019:

IOBC-Global Working Group Meeting:

14th International Symposium Ecology of Aphidophaga,

14th International Symposium Ecology of Aphidophaga, 16-20 September 2019, Montreal (Quebec), Canada.Montreal (Quebec) Canada

The purpose of Ecology of Aphidophaga conferences is to provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of research on the biology, ecology and behaviour of organisms contributing to mortality of aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae). Acceptable topics include the following:

  • Life cycle, voltinism and diapause
  • Food relations (including non-aphid food of aphidophaga)
  • Behaviour
  • Systematics and morphology
  • Phylogeny
  • Population dynamics
  • Modelling
  • Distribution and seasonal adaptation
  • Parasitoids and pathogens of aphidophaga
  • Parasitoids and pathogens of aphids
  • Tritrophic interactions
  • Intraguild interactions
  • Invasive aphidophaga
  • Chemical ecology
  • Integrated pest management
  • Climatic changes




29-30 May 2019:

Biopesticides North America 2019,

Orlando, FL, USA

Biopesticides North America 2019, 2nd Biopesticides North America 2019 Conference, 09-10 October 2019, Orlando, FL, USA.

Biopesticides market is poised to witness significant gains with the escalating demand for healthy crop generation. The industry has been evolving at a rapid pace, which is quite evident from the growing consumer preferences for organic food and demand for eco-friendly crop protection pesticides.

A growing awareness of biopesticides' favourable features, including safety and efficiency, as well as stringent legislative requirements, are driving the biopesticides market.

Contact: Rohan Baryah, ACI (Europe), +48 61 646 7022,

Event Agenda:


10-14 November 2019:

XIX International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC2019), "Crop Protection to Outsmart Climate Change for Food Security & Environmental Conservation"

Hyderabad, India

XIX International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC2019), 10.-14.11.2019, Hyderabad, India.

The program of IPPC2019 is aimed at addressing the key issues in crop protection against the backdrop of climate change and mounting pressure on natural resources to meet the growing need for nutritious and safe food, conservation of biodiversity and creating opportunities for economic growth.

The IPPC2019 will provide a great opportunity to present, discuss and disseminate the recent advances in crop protection, and establish contact and collaboration between crop protection scientists from different parts of the world. The deliberations of IPPC2019 will include plenary speeches and concurrent sessions in different disciplines of crop protection to create an awareness of the exciting advances that have been realized in addressing the challenges of nutritional, environmental and societal sustainability through innovative science, partnerships and an enabling policy environment.




25-29 November 2019:

VIII Congress on Plant Protection: "Integrated Plant Protection for Sustainable Crop Production and Forestry"

Zlatibor, Serbia

VIII Congress on Plant Protection: "Integrated Plant Protection for Sustainable Crop Production and Forestry", 25-29 November 2019, Zlatibor, Serbia

The Congress intends to promote knowledge exchange and international cooperation, and to enable further exchange of up-to-date scientific and technical information on plant protection in agriculture, forestry and landscaping among researchers, teachers, experts in extension and public services and business community. The Congress should contribute to identifying new approaches, tools and techniques to meet future needs and challenges facing the science of crop protection.  
Main topics of the Congress are: 

  • Integrated Protection of Fruit Crops and Vineyards
  • Integrated Protection of Field Crops, Vegetables, and Stored Products
  • Integrated Protection in Forestry and Urban Greenery
  • Biology and Ecology of Harmful and Beneficial Organisms in Agriculture and Forestry
  • Pesticides, Biopesticides and Organic Production
  • Toxicology, Ecotoxicology and Food Safety

Contact: Secretariate of the Plant Protection Society of Serbia,

Download: Third Announcement (pdf) with link to registration form.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 1, 2019
  • Deadline for early bird registration: June 30, 2019




19-24 July 2020:

XXVI ICE Congress 2020, International Congress of Entomology,

XXVI ICE Congress 2020, International Congress of Entomology, 19-24 July 2020, Helsinki, Finland.Helsinki, Finland

The ICE2020Helsinki congress will be arranged in sections representing major fields of entomological interest. Each section will include a number of symposia.

The ICE2020Helsinki congress intends to attract world-leaders as symposium organizers who will be able to identify cutting-edge topics and to assemble the best-available established researchers, and excellent younger researchers, to present their work.



IOBC-Global General Assembly

Elections for the next IOBC-Global Executive Committee will be held prior to the next General Assembly (July 2020)
Call for Nominations for the positions of President, Vice President (two), Treasurer and Secretary General. Deadline: 15th February 2020.



21-27 September 2020:

20th Organic World Congress (OWC),

Rennes, France

20th Organic World Congress (OWC), 21-27 September 2020, Rennes, France.

Every three years, the organic sector assembles to host the Organic World Congress (OWC), the world's largest organic gathering.
Drawing from the motto, 'From its Roots, Organic Inspires Life', OWC 2020 will aim to provide organic and likeminded stakeholders working toward sustainable agriculture, value chains, and consumption with an opportunity to exchange their knowledge, innovations, and experiences. The congress offers momentum and inspiration to all who take part and is seen as a leading event for the global organic sector.




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